Victoria McCullough

Victoria McCullough

Technology and Democracy Fellow, AY 2018-19

Victoria currently leads the Social Impact and Public Policy team at Tumblr focusing on engaging and activating advocacy groups, activists, and other changemakers to tell powerful stories, catalyze engagement with the Tumblr community, and drive measurable impact. In November 2016, Tumblr launched Action on Tumblr, a community dedicated to promoting the voices of the marginalized, giving users a space to connect with each other on the issues that matter to them, and providing them with the tools and resources to move online passion to offline activism.  

In early January 2018, Tumblr launched the #WhatWillYouDo campaign asking Tumblr users, artists, and activists to use art and storytelling to demonstrate what they want the history books to say about 2018 and how they plan to act to shape that story.

Victoria was inspired to work in the social good space after getting her start organizing voters for then Senator Barack Obama in the 2007-08 presidential election cycle.  She then went on to work for the Obama Administration in the White House Office of Public Engagement and the Department of Homeland Security Office of Congressional Affairs. 

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