Beyond Backyard Environmentalism


Fung, Archon, Bradley Karkkainen, and Charles Sabel. 2000. Beyond Backyard Environmentalism. Beacon Press.
Beyond Backyard Environmentalism


Archon Fung, Bradley Karkkainen, Charles Sabel; Beacon Press; July 2000

When we think of environmental action, we draw upon images from the disaster of Love Canal or from A Civil Action-stories of lone activists fighting the government or some corporation against all odds. In their provocative essay, Sabel, Fung, and Karkkainen demonstrate that an effective alternative is emerging. Before environmental disasters occur, citizen groups are collaborating with experts, business leaders, and local and federal governments to figure out what is best for their own neighborhoods. These examples point to more than successful environmental action; they represent a model of grassroots democracy that can be applied to the needs of any community. 

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