Globalization of Chinese Enterprises


Alon, Ilan, and John R. McIntyre, ed. 2008. Globalization of Chinese Enterprises. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers Limited.
Globalization of Chinese Enterprises


Ilan Alon and John R. McIntyre, editors, Palgrave Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2008

The 21st century has been dubbed the Chinese century. As China becomes a dominant world economic actor, its enterprises—state-run or otherwise—increasingly look to distant shores in the Western hemisphere and the European continent for inspiration. Edited by John R. McIntyre and former Rajawali Fellow Ilan Alon, this collection of papers brings together a diverse community of interdisciplinary Chinese research scholars to assess the impact of Chinese business on global business and environments, disseminate knowledge on the emergence of globalizing Chinese firms, and address the issues related to corporate sustainable development and outsourcing.

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