Learning from Innovations: Local Government and Human Rights


Gonzalo Delamaza, 2008 

In recent years, human rights have become a prominent issue in politics and society, creating a new idea of concept of what human rights entails, extending to include not only social rights, but economic and political rights as well. As human rights have become a central element of international policy, it is important to highlight instances where great strides in their development have occurred. This book, part of the Learning from Innovations series, presents case studies from eight countries. From China, South Africa, and Brazil, the issue of the rights of women and girls is addressed. Indigenous rights are the focus of the contributions from Chile and the Indian Nations. A case from Kenya presents youth rights and human rights and the justice system is the topic of the contributions from Mexico and Peru. The Learning from Innovations series aims to disseminate some of the lessons that are being learned by comparing innovation in the ten partner programs of the Liaison Group for Innovations in Governance and Public Action.

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