2024: The Year of Global Elections

With over half the world’s population heading to the polls in 2024, the Ash Center convened scholars from across Harvard and beyond throughout the spring to delve into a number of election contents that are likely to shape the future of democracy across the globe.  From India to Indonesia, El Savador to Taiwan, join us below as the Ash Center’s community of scholars delve into these important, and often underreported electoral contests.

Gautam Nair on India's election and the health of the world's largest democracy

This is a tradeoff that is so often presented in so many different contexts from the United States, post-9/11 to countries facing high levels of criminal violence — that you have to give up some amount of freedom, civil liberties, human rights in order to have safety.

Yanilda María González

Ford Foundation Assistant Professor of Public Policy

The future of democracy in El Salvador

Does Nayib Bukele’s re-election signal a growing authoritarianism in El Salvador?

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