Study Groups and Workshops

The Ash Center regularly supports a number of non-for-credit study groups and workshops for interested HKS, Harvard, and other Boston-area students to work and learn from practitioners and scholars affiliated with the Center. Most study groups and workshops are convened by fellows with varied backgrounds as political practitioners, policy advocates, technologists, and academics who are interested in sharing their real-world experiences. Unless otherwise noted, study groups require no prior registration or application. 

Fall Semester 2021 Study Groups and Workshops 

China Study Student Group: Voices and Analysis from the Field 

This online study group, held on six Fridays 9:30-10:30am ET is designed to engage HKS degree students to understand China’s historical rise, critical current challenges, and it’s role in the world moving forward. Led by Professors Tony Saich and Edward Cunningham, who combined leverage over 75 years of experience working in and with China, the program will also draw on the expertise of a range of HKS Ash Center China programs postdoctoral fellows, practitioners and others from business, media, and policy analysis. Our goal is to have students leave the group with a more nuanced and rigorous framework for examining China’s political and economic systems, but also a set of key questions around China’s future integration – or disintegration – with the world. Because the program depends upon interactive discussions and will be capped at 25 students, we particularly encourage those who enjoy active participation and lively debate to sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. Readings will be assigned.

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Session 1 – September 17th

Tony Saich and Jerome Doyon: CCP Origins and Institutional Change Through Today

Session 2 – October 1st

Edward Cunningham and Gabriel Chiu: Business-Government Relations under Xi

Session 3 – October 15th

Dennis Kwok and Yi-ting lien: Greater China: Still One Country, Two Systems?

Session 4 – November 5th

Shirley Yu: Technology, Geopolitics and US-China Relations

Session 5 – November 19th

Chunying Yue: Social Media and it’s Role in Political Participation

Session 6 – December 3rd

Saich and Cunningham: Final De-Brief