2010 Mar 23

Revitalizing a Community



124 Mount Auburn, Suite 200-North, Room 226, Cambridge, MA

Kingsport, Tennessee’s Higher Education Program

About the Seminar
Formerly a rustbelt city with an over reliance on heavy manufacturing, Kingsport, Tennessee faced the growing crises of an aging population, shrinking younger-aged workforce, and dropping education levels which threatened its already falling living standards.

In order to reverse its impending economic crisis, Kingsport launched a successful ’Educate and Grow’ campaign to attract new business investment to the region by upgrading the quality of its workforce. This initiative won the Innovations in American Government Award in 2009.

This event was part of the Innovation in Government Seminar Series, which explores various aspects and approaches to the study of government innovation.... Read more about Revitalizing a Community

2010 Mar 10

Democratic Deepening

4:10pm to 5:30pm


124 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 200-North, Room 226, Cambridge, MA

Towards a Comparative Framework
Patrick Heller, Brown University

About the Seminar
Brazil, India, and South Africa are three of the most successful cases of consolidated democracy in the developing world. They are also characterized by deep and durable social inequalities that have limited the effective political incorporation of subordinate groups. In this talk, Professor Heller developed a general analytic frame for assessing democratic deepening in comparative terms and identify distinct trajectories of democratic deepening in each country. These divergent trajectories were in turn linked to patterns of interaction between civil and political society.... Read more about Democratic Deepening