2018 Jun 08

Engaging Voters of All Ages

8:30am to 10:00am


The Colonnade Hotel 120 Huntington Ave Boston, Massachusetts 02116

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Join the Ash Center, Institute of Politics, and AARP for a breakfast panel discussion on voting trends and efforts to increase turnout for voters of all ages in this critical election year. Hear from experts on best practices, learn about efforts to increase voter turnout and hear from mayors about...

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2018 Jul 17

Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Studies

Tue Jul 17 (All day) to Fri Jul 20 (All day)


Aiina Conference Center, Iwate, Japan

This year the Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Studies will focus on, "Landscape-Scale Disasters, Emergency Response and Regional Recovery." Experts on disaster and crisis management from various countries, including the U.S., China and Japan, will meet in Iwate Prefecture, which experienced the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, to publicize and share their research findings and results about diverse aspects of major disasters, emergency response, regional strength...

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2018 May 21

Commencement 2018

Mon May 21 (All day) to Fri May 25 (All day)


Harvard Kennedy School
Join us in celebrating the Harvard Kennedy School Class of 2018!
Eric Holder

Full Participation: Making Every Voice Count

May 11, 2018

For former US Attorney General Eric Holder, gerrymandering is at the root of many of the most prominent political debates unfolding across the country today. A fairer voting system, Holder believes, wouldn’t tilt the balance towards one political party, but would level the playing field for both voters and political parties.