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The Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia convenes leaders from the academic, policymaking, business, and student communities committed to enhancing public policy research and teaching on Asia.

We work to deepen understanding of the region, explore possibilities for innovation, and advance important initiatives that will affect millions of lives in Asia.

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Behind the Book: Anthony Saich's "From Rebel to Ruler"

August 22, 2022
The rise of the Chinese Communist Party is a story of a small band of young men who navigated a treacherous political landscape. That story has shaped the trajectory of modern China, and is traced in the latest book by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Anthony Saich.
Can the US Regain the Lead in the Microchip Race?

Can the US Regain the Lead in the Microchip Race?

July 27, 2022

President Biden hopes the passage of the CHIPS Act will jumpstart American microchip production. But as Jason Hsu explains, subsidies will only go so far in the global competition to gain dominance in the semiconductor industry. 

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Taking China’s pulse

A study from the Ash Center provides a long-term view of how Chinese citizens view their government at the national, as well as the regional and local levels. What started as an exercise in building a set of teaching tools for an executive education class eventually transformed into the longest academic survey of Chinese public opinion conducted by a research institution outside of China. 

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