Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative


Bloomberg Philanthropies and Harvard University convened the inaugural class of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. 40 mayors spent a weekend in NYC receiving high-quality executive coaching and training. 

Featured News Commentary

Moshik Temkin writes that in the age of Trump, the most important thing historians can do is to leave the analogies to the pundits, and instead provide a critical, uncomfortable account of how we arrived at this unique political moment. 

           Moshik Temkin

Now on AshCast

Tune into the latest Ash Center podcast episode, "Is Robert Mueller's Legal Team Biased?" Associate Professor Maya Sen discusses Special Counsel Robert Mueller and if Mueller, as accused, hired a biased team of lawyers. The conversation centers around Sen’s research into the ideological composition of the legal profession.

Kate O'Gorman, Martha H. Mauzy Award Winner

Meet Kate O'Gorman, MPA 2017, the inaugural recipient of the Ash Center's Martha H. Mauzy Award for Advancement of Democratic Governance.

Kate O'Gorman

Occasional Paper Series

"Citizen Voices, Community Solutions: Designing Better Transparency and Accountability Approaches to Improve Health", a new report from the Transparency for Development project presents the design of a program that was implemented in 200 villages in Tanzania and Indonesia & studied using a mixed methods impact evaluation. 

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Featured Commentary

Kelman FCW

Steve Kelman introduces the new face of federal IT contractors in his latest article on FCW. 

Communiqué Spring 2017, Volume 20

In the latest issue, we feature the Civic Analytics Network (CAN), a national peer network of Chief Data Officers (CDO). We also showcase new fellows, faculty, & programs.

Communique Spring 2017 Cover