The Future of Democratic Governance in Brazil

Following the Brazilian Senate's overwhelming vote to remove Dilma Rouseff from office, the Ash Center sat down with Scott Mainwaring, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor for Brazil Studies at the Harvard Kennedy School for a conversation on her impeachment, the future of the Left in Brazil, and how the country may move forward politically.

Merics Podcast

PODCAST: Ash Center Director Anthony Saich comments on the Chinese government's “extraordinarily successful” record of controlling and shaping political communication, especially online. “If I was an authoritarian leader somewhere else in the world," says Saich. "I would want to learn lessons from China." 

City Leadership Initiative Jobs

The Ash Center invites candidates passionate about cities to explore employment opportunities with the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, an ambitious effort to advance leadership, management, and innovation in cities around the world.

Featured Research

Dara Kay Cohen examines variation in the severity and perpetrators of rape using an original dataset of reported rape during all major civil wars from 1980 to 2012.


Democracy Retrospective

The Ash Center's Democracy Fellowship Program brings together a vibrant community of postdoctoral scholars, doctoral candidates, and senior scholars in a unique intellectual environment in which academic thought and leadership can flourish. More:

2016-17 Course Guide

The Guide to Courses Related to Democratic Governance, Innovation, and Technology identifies courses offered by the faculties of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, and area schools that are relevant to the study of democratic governance and innovation, and the intersection of technology and governance.  Updated for the 2016-2017 academic year, the guide is designed to provide information about available opportunities.

Harold D. Lasswell Award Winner

Ash Fellow Brian Palmer-Rubin received the The Harold D. Lasswell Award for his dissertation “Evading the Patronage Trap: Interest Organizations and Policymaking in Mexico," which calls for a return to the study of organizations representing collective interests and their effect on policymaking.

Crisis Management After 9/11

What we’ve learned since 9/11 about managing crisesRead how the Program on Crisis Leadership is studying how government agencies have developed new tools to respond to large scale attacks such as those on 9/11 and learn what makes an effective response during such a crisis.