New on AshCast

New episodes on the Ash Center's podcast feature event recordings from fall 2017, including a recording of "White Nationalism: Media and the Lessons from Charlottesville."



The Vietnam War Crimson Connection

Tommy Vallely, senior advisor on mainland southeast Asia at the Ash Center, played an important role in the creation of Ken Burns & Lynn Novick's documentary film series, The Vietnam War. The Harvard Crimson reports how Vallely advised and appeared in the series. 

Tom Vallely and Ken Burns

Innovation Field Lab, MLD-621

Meet the Innovation Field Lab, a course at Harvard Kennedy School that gives students a hands-on experience solving public sector problems in Massachusetts cities.

Alumni Feature

Students wearing VR headsets

Meet, Hla Hla Win, MC/MPA '16, founder and CEO of social enterprise 360ed. Win is bringing virtual reality technology to antiquated Myanmar classrooms to help foster student-centric enviroment. 

Recent News Commentary

NY Times Logo

Ash Fellow Glen Mpani comments on recent military action in Zimbabwe writing, "No matter what the military says, this is a coup." and, "Coups are a regressive path to achieving democratic ends."  Read more in his article, "For Zimbabwe, a Coup Isn’t the Answer".

Featured Publication

Ash's Stephen Goldsmith and NYU's Neil Kleiman propose an entirely new governance model to unleash innovation throughout local government in their recent book, A New City O/S:The Power of Open, Collaborative, and Distributed Governance.

     OS Book Cover

New Faculty Affiliate

Jie Bai, the Ash Center’s newest faculty affiliate, joined HKS as an Assistant Professor of Public Policy in AY 2017. In a Q&A with the Ash Center Bai discusses her research on microeconomic issues of firms in developing countries and emerging markets such as China and Vietnam. 

Jie Bai

2017-18 Course Guide

Explore the Ash Center's annual course guide for Harvard Kennedy School students, created to identify courses offered by the various faculties of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, and beyond that are relevant to the study of democratic governance, innovation, and technology.

Course Guide