Trump and the Future of Democracy in Latin America

Peter QuilterAsh Center Senior Fellow Peter Quilter discusses how Donald Trump's election has been received throughout Latin America, his impact on U.S. relations with Mexico, the future of rapproachment with Cuba, and what it portends for the future of democracy in the region. 


The Ethics of Democracy Entrepreneurship

PODCAST: Listen  as the Ash Center hosts a frank discussion with leading practitioners and scholars about the problems and possibilities of marketing participatory democratic innovations like citizens’ assemblies, participatory budgeting, or deliberative polling as a policy tool for government.


The Power of Partnerships in Economic Rebirth

South BendLearn how South Bend, Indiana is working to leverage its fiber-optic infrastructure, power substations and talent pool from its strong university presence to attract new growth in the technology sector. For more urban data news, don't miss our Data-Smart City Solutions project. 

Featured Research

Jorrit de Jong explains that bureaucratic dysfunction reflects a breach of contract between the government --not only as a provider of services, but also as a catalyst for improved social outcomes.
                                                                                  Dealing with Dysfunction

Democracy Retrospective

The Ash Center's Democracy Fellowship Program brings together a vibrant community of postdoctoral scholars, doctoral candidates, and senior scholars in a unique intellectual environment in which academic thought and leadership can flourish. More:

Innovations in American Gov. Awards Bright Ideas & Semifinalists

Meet the 2017 Innovations in American Government Awards Semifinalists and Bright Ideas honorees. These programs represent the next horizon in innovative government efforts to improve services, solve problems, and work on behalf of citizens.

Innovations in American Gov. 2017Bright Ideas

Race and Justice in the Age of Obama

Watch as we discuss how Obama’s presidency brought the conversation of race in America to the front of the table, not just because of his own history-breaking election to office, but also as a result of the wave of social movements regarding criminal justice police reform that arose during his tenure.

2016-17 Course Guide

The Guide to Courses Related to Democratic Governance, Innovation, and Technology identifies courses offered by the faculties of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, and area schools that are relevant to the study of democratic governance and innovation, and the intersection of technology and governance.  Updated for the 2016-2017 academic year, the guide is designed to provide information about available opportunities.