Q & A with Ash Director Tony Saich

Ash Center Director Tony Saich answers questions from the Parlio community on China’s government, it’s role in the Asia-Pacific region, and its relationship with the United States. He comments on China's sustainability and environmental concerns, relationship to North Korea, and challenges brought on by its aging population. 

If not Xi, who?

In a piece for Politico, Professor Arne Westad cautions American politicians going after China's leader that they should consider who the alternative would be. "A more turbulent China will not be an easier partner for the United States in international affairs than Xi’s China is now," he writes.


Peiran Wei, a 2015 China and Globalization Fellow at the Ash Center and former Bloomberg reporter, describes his country as "switching gears" – in its economy, its politics, and its culture. Wei discusses attitudes towards the rising billionaire class in China, the impact of China’s capital outflow around the globe, and the importance of social stability to the Communist Party.

Featured Publication

Democracy Reinvented

Hollie Russon Gilman, Brookings Institution Press, 2015

In Democracy Reinvented, Ash Fellow Hollie Russon Gilman places participatory budgeting within the larger discussion of the health of U.S. democracy, and offers policy recommendations on how to tap into online tools and civic innovations to promote more inclusive governance.

Data-Smart City Solutions: Come Drought or High Water

A new piece from the Data-Smart City Solutions blog explores how the Internet of Things is helping cities to manage their water resources– at home, in the pipes, and in the fields. Using sensors and analytics, these resources are helping to increase efficiency, enhance conservation, and reduce pollution throughout the water system.

#Tech4Democracy Showcase and Challenge

Check out the 28 teams who competed in our #Tech4Democracy Showcase and Challenge, a Hubweek event.  Congratulations to our winning teams, Agora (Judge's Choice) and DoneGood (People's Choice).  A special thanks to all of our attendees, participants, and cosponsors for working so hard to find solutions to the 21st century challenges to our democracy.   


Innovation in American Government Award

Innovations in American Government Awards sealSan Francisco and New York were named the winners of Harvard's 2015 Innovation in America Government Awards.   The Five Keys Charter School, run by the San Francisco Sherriff’s Department won for its outstanding track record in changing the culture of jails and creating a holistic space for learning. Participatory Budgeting New York City was selected as the winner of Roy and Lila Ash Innovations Award for Public Engagement in Government for its work in creating the largest and fastest-growing participatory budgeting process in the United States


Beyond Oil: Alumnus Works to Increase Tax Revenue in South Sudan

For his second year policy analysis, Charles Data Alemi MPA/ID '15 charted South Sudan’s tax system and developed recommendations for modernizing its collection processes and diversifying revenue streams.