Data-Smart City Solutions

Check out Data-Smart City Solutions and learn how Chicago's Array of Things is a key example of how cities are harnessing the computing capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is at the crux of the movement for “smart cities” – sustainable, tech-driven places that effectively enhance city services, reduce costs and resource consumption, and actively engage with and provide for their residents’ well-being.

Institutional Reform: From Vision to Reality

Institutional Reform: From Vision to Reality

Facing widespread economic challenges, read how Vietnam is also grappling with a rising and assertive China, increasing public expectation for economic development and civil freedoms, and a diminishing legitimacy of the Party in this new policy discussion paper prepared for the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program

Featured Publication

The Arab Spring 

Jason Brownlee, Tarek Masoud, and Andrew Reynolds, Oxford University Press, 2015

The Arab Spring's modest harvest cries out for explanation. Why did regime change take place in only four Arab countries and why has democratic change proved so elusive in the countries that made attempts? The Arab Spring attempts to answer those questions.

Democracy and the Challenge of Affordability: The Atlanta Way

Atlanta was the first U.S. city to open a public housing development, Techwood Homes, in 1933. And as of 2011 it was also the first city to close all of its public housing. Public housing in Atlanta reflected the “Atlanta way” of doing things—which has involved the shaping of policy by both black and white elites for well over 100 years.
Techwood Homes, Atlanta

Ash Center Communiqué Spring 2015

The Ash Center's Communique Magazine recaps our recent #Hack4Congress events and highlights the work of Bright Idea Award winners from across the country.  It also profiles Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Humayun Sarabi and the organization he founded to advocate for women's rights in Afghanistan. 

Challenges to Democracy

In a new Challenges to Democracy blog post, Derek Pham MPP 2016 writes on a recent participatory budgeting initiative in Cambridge where residents were given the opportunity to decide how to allocate $500,000 between various capital projects. His post highlights the results and conclusion of this initiative, through which Cambridge hopes to cultivate a more diverse and participatory culture in local politics. 

Innovation in American Government Award

Innovations in American Government Awards sealThe Ash Center announces the finalists and top programs from around the country for its Innovation in American Government Award and a special award for public engagement in honor of the Center's tenth anniversary. These initiatives represent the cutting edge of innovative government programs from city, state, and federal government agencies across the country. 


Indonesian Democracy

Jay Rosengard, faculty director of the HKS Indonesia Program describes how Indonesia's new president, Joko Widodo, has the potential to be a transformational leader -- one with no connection to the country's previous military regime.