Mobile Banking

A new study by Professor Jay Rosengard entitled A Quantum Leap Over High Hurdles to Financial Inclusion: The Mobile Banking Revolution in Kenya,'  examines the impact of mobile banking on levels of financial inclusion in Kenya, finding that mobile banking can increase financial inclusion rates. The study was sponsored by The SWIFT Institute and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Merics Podcast

PODCAST: Ash Center Director Anthony Saich comments on the Chinese government's “extraordinarily successful” record of controlling and shaping political communication, especially online. “If I was an authoritarian leader somewhere else in the world," says Saich. "I would want to learn lessons from China." 

Pokémon GoVernment

From the Government Innovators Network blog:  How are governments responding to Pokémon Go, the mobile monster-catching game that three weeks ago took over the phone screens and attention spans of millions of people seemingly overnight? How might government agencies make this technology work for them?

Democracy Retrospective

The Ash Center's Democracy Fellowship Program brings together a vibrant community of postdoctoral scholars, doctoral candidates, and senior scholars in a unique intellectual environment in which academic thought and leadership can flourish. More:

Research & Publications

Read John Gastil's new paper where he envisions an integrated online commons that links together the best civic tech and engagement tools to form a larger “Democracy Machine.”


Doing Time in Education

Join us for "Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education," now through September 16th at the American Repertory Theater. This new play, written and performed by Anna Deavere Smith, outlines the civil rights crisis erupting at the intersection of America’s education system and its mass incarceration epidemic.

Race and American Politics

PODCAST: The Ash Center hosted a discussion entitled "Beyond Ideology: A Conversation on Race, Violence, and Justice" with Jelani Cobb, Professor of History and Director of the Institute for African American Studies at the University of Connecticut, as part of the Race and American Politics Seminar Series.

Democracy in the Digital Age

Within the past year, the Ash Center and the Harvard Kennedy School have responded to the growing need for future public leaders to be equipped with a solid foundation in technological skills in order to navigate an increasingly digitized world