Challenges to Democracy Associate Professor Faculty Grants

The Ash Center is pleased to announce a new Challenges to Democracy grant program providing financial support to HKS professors at the associate level. The purpose of the program is to support associate professors at a critical juncture in their career while building a body of research that contributes to the Ash Center’s strategic priorities of strengthening democratic practices and enhancing institutional innovation in order to meet the profound challenges facing the world’s citizens.

Voting Rights After Shelby County

Ash Center Faculty Affiliate Maya Sen moderates a discussion exploring how the 2013 Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder, which upended a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, opened the door to states and local jurisdictions to rewrite voting laws.

Featured Publication

Governance and Politics of China

Tony Saich, Brookings, 2015, Palgrave MacMillan

Tony Saich has published the fourth edition of his seminal textbook, Governance and Politics of China. The revised text seeks to understand better how China is ruled and what the policy priorities are of the new leadership.

Democracy and the Challenge of Affordability

New on the Challenges to Democracy blog: Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor Quinton Mayne kicks off a month-long series of postings on affordable housing as a challenge to the health of American democracy, and in particular local democracy in the United States.

Ash Center Communiqué Spring 2015

The Ash Center's Communique Magazine recaps our recent #Hack4Congress events and highlights the work of Bright Idea Award winners from across the country.  It also profiles Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Humayun Sarabi and the organization he founded to advocate for women's rights in Afghanistan. 

Innovation in American Government Award

Innovations in American Government Awards sealThe Ash Center announces the finalists and top programs from around the country for its Innovation in American Government Award and a special award for public engagement in honor of the Center's tenth anniversary. These initiatives represent the cutting edge of innovative government programs from city, state, and federal government agencies across the country. 

Programs named as finalists will make presentations May 20 at 1:30pm.  We invite you to watch a live stream of the presentations here

Indonesian Democracy

Jay Rosengard, faculty director of the HKS Indonesia Program describes how Indonesia's new president, Joko Widodo, has the potential to be a transformational leader -- one with no connection to the country's previous military regime. 

Understanding the Arab Spring

Tarek MasoudThe Arab Spring's modest harvest cries out for explanation. Why did regime change take place in only four Arab countries and why has democratic change proved so elusive in the countries that made attempts? In the Arab Spring: Pathways of Repression and Reform, Tarek Masoud and his co-authors attempt to answer those critical questions by examining the deep historical and structure variables that determined the balance of power between incumbents and opposition.