Building Back Better: Intelligent Infrastructure and Civil Works


Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Online event, registration required

You are invited to an Ash Center virtual discussion on how developing intelligent infrastructure is crucial for helping the United States tackle the challenge of inequitable, inaccessible, and inadequate roads, bridges, dams, sidewalks, and water systems throughout the country. In this talk co-author Betsy Gardner will introduce the recent paper, “Toward a Smarter Future: Building Back Better with Intelligent Civil Infrastructure -- Smart Sensors and Self-Monitoring Civil Works”, followed by co-author Jill Jamieson and subject matter expert Professor Luna Lu speaking about innovation in infrastructure. The conversation will be moderated by co-author Professor Stephen Goldsmith. 

Join us as Gardner, Jamieson, Lu, and Goldsmith make the argument for a strategic, smart infrastructure plan that integrates digital technology, sensors, and data to not only address existing issues but to mitigate risks and improve the conditions and structures that shape our daily lives.

About the Speakers 

  • Betsy Gardner is a writer for Data-Smart City Solutions and the producer of the Data-Smart City Podcast. 
  • Jill Jamieson is President and CEO of Illuminati Infrastructure Advisors, a boutique infrastructure advisory firm. She is also a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University.
  • Luna Lu is the American Concrete Pavement Association Professor and founding director for the Center for Intelligent Infrastructure at Purdue University
  • Stephen Goldsmith (moderator) is the Derek Bok Professor of the Practice of Urban Policy and the Director of the Innovations in Government Program at HKS. He directs Data-Smart City Solutions at the Ash Center.

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