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Tobias Bear

Working Wonders for Foster Youth

April 17, 2019

In the United States, nearly 23,000 young people age out of the foster care system every year without having been reunited with their families or placed in permanent homes. Approximately 20 percent of those who leave foster care without a permanent home after turning 18 join the growing ranks of the homeless in cities and towns large and small across the country, according to the National Foster Youth Initiative. Only half will find gainful employment by the time they turn 24.... Read more about Working Wonders for Foster Youth

Cecily Tyler

Behind the Lens: Cecily Tyler Is Building a New Generation of Citizen Storytellers

April 17, 2019
With camera equipment often in tow, Cecily Tyler MC/MPA 2016 has been a familiar face at the Ash Center since graduating from the Kennedy School three years ago. Tyler, a documentary filmmaker, has worked with scores of students at the Center since starting to teach videographic essay-making skills as part of Ash Center resident faculty affiliate Jorrit de Jong’s Innovation Field Lab course.

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2019 Apr 23

Huawei Technologies: World-Class Company or State Agent?

1:15pm to 2:30pm


Starr Auditorium, Belfer Building, Floor 2.5, Harvard Kennedy School

China has come a long way from relying on imports to support its telecommunications sector. Today, telecommunications companies in China not only fulfill that nation’s growing needs but have a global reach. In this context, how should we understand the stunning and controversial emergence of China’s leading technology firm, Huawei Technologies? To what extent has Huawei’s rise been due to its leadership, strategy, corporate culture and ability to innovate? How much of this success as a “national champion” has been driven by the Chinese Party-State’s industrial policy and support?...

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2019 Apr 24

Becoming 2020 Campaign Staff: A Peer-to-Peer Skill Building Workshop Series

4:15pm to 5:30pm


Ash Center Foyer, 124 Mount Auburn St., Floor 2, Suite 200N

Join the Ash Center and HKS student organizers, seasoned campaigners, to learn everything you need to know about working and winning campaigns ahead of the 2020 elections.  Facilitating this workshop will be Megan Costello MC/MPA, Gwen Camp MC/MPA, Tahra Goraya MC/MPA, and Jonathan Sclarsic MC/MPA. This workshop is the second in a two-part series.

This event has been moved and will now be held in the Ash Center Foyer, not suite 100N. 

Refreshments will be provided. Space is limited, this...

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