The Transparency Policy Project studies the effectiveness of a broad array of disclosure systems designed to improve public health and safety, reduce risks to investors, minimize corruption, and improve public services. The Project also explores the power and limits of technology to create collective knowledge that serves the public. 

The Transparency for Development Project seeks to answer the questions of how transparency and citizen-led accountability can improve health outcomes – and in what contexts. The Project works with local civil society organizations in Indonesia and Tanzania to design better mechanisms for citizen-led actions around health and will evaluate these mechanisms using a unique mix of randomized control trials and rigorous qualitative methods.  This research will provide new evidence to civil society organizations, donors, and policymakers regarding the potential of transparency and accountability.

The Project on Transparency and Technology for Better Health is conducting comparative case studies on platforms that empower patients through information to provide an inventory and typology of initiatives. The project seeks to understand which characteristics are more likely to support patient empowerment, at a general level and for vulnerable populations. Evidence from the case studies will allow the project team to develop several hypotheses linking data sharing to patient empowerment and better health. These findings fill a critical gap in the literature and can improve the design of future data sharing platforms.