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The Ash Center is home to students, scholars, and practitioners dedicated to Asia public policy, antiracism, democracy, and Indigenous governance. 

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American Indian Economic Development

Explores the conditions under which sustained, self-determined development is achieved among American Indian nations.

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Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia 

Promotes research and training on Asia to disseminate best practices and improve public policy.

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Democratic Governance

Explores the relationships between democratic governance and the persistence of urgent social problems in countries around the globe.

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All Programs, Projects and Initiatives

From A to Z, explore everything the Center has to offer. 

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Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project

Addresses intellectual and practical questions as they relate to antiracism policy, practice, and institutional change.

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Behind the Book: Anthony Saich's "From Rebel to Ruler"

August 22, 2022
The rise of the Chinese Communist Party is a story of a small band of young men who navigated a treacherous political landscape. That story has shaped the trajectory of modern China, and is traced in the latest book by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Anthony Saich.
Mark Moore, smiling with arms crossed, stands in front of a book shelf in a black and white photo

Present at the Beginning: Over 50 Years at the Kennedy School

August 10, 2022

Research Professor of Public Management Mark Moore began his career at the Kennedy School as a member of the inaugural class of the masters program in public policy, and was subsequently awarded one of Harvard’s first PhDs in public policy before being appointed assistant professor in 1974.

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Volume 27

Ash Center Communiqué Magazine

In this issue, as the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, Ash Center experts delve into the historial legacy of the party as well as what the future holds for the party and China. 

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