Freddy Guevara

Research Assistant, Nonviolent Action Lab;
MC/MPA 2024;
Ford Foundation Mason Program Scholarship in Democracy Recipient

Program Involvement

Nonviolent Action Lab

Freddy Guevara Cortez is a political leader, freedom fighter, and democracy advocate.

Guevara co-founded the Venezuelan progressive party Voluntad Popular in 2010, was the top-voted congressman in 2015, Vice President of Venezuela’s Parliament in 2016, and leader of the non-violent civil uprising against Maduro’s dictatorship in 2017. As a result of his political activism, Guevara became a target of political persecution, resulting in the loss of his freedom for three years. During this time, he was a refugee in the Chilean Embassy in Caracas, a political prisoner, and is in exile since August 2021. He was appointed to the Opposition Unitary Platform in negotiations with Maduro’s regime, and in 2023 as President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Venezuelan Parliament in exile.