Harvard Votes Challenge

Harvard Votes Challenge

The Harvard Votes Challenge is a nonpartisan, university-wide effort that is challenging Harvard schools to do their part to increase voter registration and participation among eligible students.


In a strong democracy, citizens participate in political processes, and as a school for public leaders, we should not just encourage that participation, we should model it. This is why the Harvard Kennedy School is proud to participate in the Harvard Votes Challenge, a university-wide competition between participating schools that seeks to increase voter registration among eligible students.

As a school devoted to public service and good governance, we aim high when it comes to democracy. This fall, HKS aims to sign up 90 percent of eligible students to register to vote through TurboVote. TurboVote is an online platform that offers a fast and safe way to update voter registration information and receive election reminders ahead of major voting deadlines. Whether you are already registered or registering in a new place, HKS needs every eligible student to sign up through TurboVote in order to be counted towards the 90 percent goal.

We also hope you will join us this coming semester for events on political participation, elections, and democracy in societies around the world. Join other HKS students in making voting a priority and help HKS win the Harvard Votes Challenge by signing up for TurboVote today!

For questions, please contact Teresa Acuña, Democratic Governance Program Associate Director, at teresa_acuna@hks.harvard.edu.