Advancing excellence in governance and strengthening democracy worldwide.

Through its research, education, and international initiatives, the Roy and Lila Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation fosters creative and effective government problem solving and serves as a catalyst for addressing many of the most pressing needs of the world’s citizens. 

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American Indian Economic Development

Explores the conditions under which sustained, self-determined development is achieved among American Indian nations.

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Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia 

Promotes research and training on Asia to disseminate best practices and improve public policy.

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Democratic Governance

Explores the relationships between democratic governance and the persistence of urgent social problems in countries around the globe.

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From A to Z, explore everything the Center has to offer. 

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Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project

Addresses intellectual and practical questions as they relate to antiracism policy, practice, and institutional change.

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Below is information about programs previously administered by the Ash Center. Note these programs are no longer active at the Ash Center, however, research, discussion, and commentary on these issues may continue at Harvard Kennedy School through other programs and initiatives. 


Previous Programs

Innovations in Government Program

The Innovations in Government Program was one of the world's premier academic entities for recognizing and promoting excellence in the public sector and fostering innovative policy solutions to the 21st century challenges of governing. The Innovations in American Government Awards, which recognized hundreds of public-sector programs for excellence and creativity, was a the principal initiative of the Program. An archive of all previous award winners remains available. Work advancing public-sector innovation continues throughout the Ash Center's other programs and within Harvard Kennedy School. Examples of research and teaching around government innovation can be found in the Kennedy School's programs, projects, and initiatives on cities and communitiesscience, technology and datasocial innovation and philanthropypublic leadership and management; and much more