Programs and Themes

The Roy and Lila Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation advances excellence and innovation in governance and public policy through research, education, and public discussion. We invite you to explore the various themes and programs below which comprise the Center's research focus. 

Explore the Ash Center's Various Programs and Themes

Democratic Governance Program

The Program on Democratic Governance researches those practices that resolve urgent social problems in developed and developing societies.


The story of technology and government is the story of innovation in government, and the Ash Center has long been the Kennedy School’s primary resource for the research, teaching, and practice of public sector innovation. 

Innovations in Government Program

The Innovations in Government Program recognizes and promotes creative and effective problem solving by governments and citizens.

Public Participation

Public participation in its many forms, from understanding challenges to the growth of democracy to helping to strengthen social movements and local civic engagement encompasses much of the work of the Ash Center. 

Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia

The Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia promotes research and training on Asia to disseminate best practices and improve public policy.

Local Innovation

Local governments are laboratories of innovation, spawning countless new ideas to solve the challenges of twenty first century governance. Learn how the Ash Center is working to foster local innovation around the world.